Leadership Corner

Leadership is part of being a martial artist.   We learn that in the natural order of things, everything happens in balance.   In the beginning of our class, during our opening ceremony, we say the Japanese words: “Onegaishimasu”, which, literally means:  Please Teach Me.  It  also means:  Please Give to Me.   Recognizing that when someone has given to us, it is natural and right that we should give something back to others.   Through our Leadership Corner, we are provided opportunities for volunteering & giving back to our communities in meaningful ways

Anyone can help.   You don’t even have to be one of our students!   If you would like to volunteer with us, please contact us today!


The President’s Volunteer Service Award

Studio City Martial Arts is an Official Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award

If you currently volunteer, or would like to start now - For participants of ALL AGES, whether you are a student at our school, a family member, friend, or simply an interested member of the community,  we can help you track your hours and certify your participation to achieve each level of this prestigious award.   To track your progress, please sign up below, and please be sure to use certifying organization number:


so we can help keep track of your award status



certifying organization

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Jhaqai Rankin!!!

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