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The primary purpose of the Studio City Martial Arts School is to help our students to become their best.

We believe in personal development through physical and mental training. Our programs have been developed using sound, scientific principles of physiology and bio-mechanics to develop the body to its full potential, regardless of your level of fitness. Our philosophy is to gradually and safely condition the body to maximize your personal potential. We want you to succeed in all your goals.

The mental edge developed through Martial Arts training applies in all areas of life. Discipline, achievement, focus and perseverance are the cornerstones to our system of Martial Arts.

On your way to Black Belt, you will learn the best practical applications of self defense, as well as, movement for development of strength, flexibility and balance for a strong hard body and meditation techniques for a strong clear mind.

Adult Program

Our Adults’ Program is among the most comprehensive in the greater Los Angeles area. We offer a traditional Japanese Martial Art program for those interested in learning the Japanese Warrior Arts. Aikido (The way of Harmony) is also offered in addition to our traditional Japanese Martial Arts program. Training in any of these Martial Art styles is an enjoyable way to keep fit, develop self-confidence and strengthen your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Kid Zone

For Kids, we offer so much more than simply, “karate class”. We realized that today’s children are growing up with obstacles and challenges that we, as parents, never imagined when we were young... graphic violence, declining standards of ethics and family values - peer pressures - mixed messages in the media that seem to promote greed and dishonesty over integrity, courage and honor. Having families ourselves, we know how challenging it is sometimes just to keep our children safe and pointed in the right direction. So we developed the “Academic Achievers Academy Program”.... a program designed to help you, as parents build a bridge of opportunity for your child to nurture and bring forth their total potential for success

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