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The Yamato Dojo is Honbu (Home) of the American Ninpo Bugei Federation, which is headquartered at Studio City Martial Arts in Studio City, California

Chadwick Minge is the Kancho (Director) of the American Ninpo Bugei Federation and chief instructor of the Yamato Dojo. He is assisted by a staff of licensed black belt instructors

Classes are held six days a week and are available morning, afternoon and evening. Private instruction is also available. Upon joining, a new student is assigned to a Sempai (Senior Student) who works directly with him/her to introduce him/her to the fundamental aspects of our art, and to help the new student along the way. This is all done on a personal basis to help integrate the beginning student into the mainstream of our normal classes.

Ninpo Taijutsu is a martial art, which centers on awareness and harmony. This is accomplished by slowly and methodically retraining our bodies to move in a natural and flowing manner, enabling us to use natural energy and power to counter an adversary’s attack.

We train to develop the Spirit of the Defensive Heart, to survive, to escape, not to engage in competition. Size, strength, age and gender are not a detriment to one trained in the art of Ninpo-Taijutsu.


Congratulations Susie Kahlich on your Shodan

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