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Ten-Chi-Wa Tai-Jutsu

(Traditional Japanese Warrior Art)

For the adult, we offer a multi-faceted traditional Japanese Warriors’ Martial Art in which we teach our students using a traditional training format. In the comprehensive system of Ten-Chi-Wa Tai-Jutsu, students learn the striking arts of Karate-jutsu, the throwing arts of Ju-jutsu, the breaking art of Koppo-Jutsu and the use of pressure points taught in the art of Koshi-Jutsu.

We also offer a traditional Japanese Weapons class for adult students who wish to explore and train with traditional weapons.

Our youth program is based on the traditional Japanese Warriors’ Arts, with a focus on respect, self discipline and dedication to purpose as well as supporting the all around development of your child.  We stress the importance of accepting responsibility of one’s own actions. We use a unique and dynamic program called the Academic Achievers Academy to promote your child’s personal growth and achievement.

All of our programs are designed to respect history, tradition, and the foundation of the Martial Arts, while yielding real-life self defense skills for modern times.

We believe in the union of Mind, Body and Spirit

We teach the Spirit of the Defensive Heart

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